Puncture Proofed Tyres for all vehicles

For longer-lasting tyres and fuel economy come view our product.


Puncture Proofed Tyres for all vehicles

Longer-lasting tyres and fuel economy

Providing a sealant that will guarantee an increase in tyre life and promote fuel economy is what self SEALTechnology is all about.

Tyre Assist’s aim is to provide affordable and reliable sealant and at the same time focus on providing a greener initiative to minimise pollution and the spread of diseases.

Tyre Assist ensures that our product contains only biodegradable products that comply with all Toxic Substance Control Authority (TSCA) requirements. User friendly for all vehicle and fleet owners and can be used on all motor vehicles from light motor vehicles to heavy duty industrial vehicles. The Sealant dramatically improves your safety by minimising blow outs and road side and travel damage.

Our Green Initiative

Self SEAL has a revolutionary water based formula that enables the product to remain fluid at all times, thus enabling the product to immediately seal a puncture wound made by a puncturing object from within. Up to 6mm diameter in a car tyre and a puncture wound made by puncturing object of up to 12mm in a commercial vehicle tyre (in the tread area of the tyre), without loss of air pressure. The main ingredient, Propylene Glycol, is a biodegradable substance that is often an addition in various food products. Our product meets all the Environmental Protection Agency standards and complies with all Toxic Substance Authority requirements. In addition to saving tyres from landfills our product is made with recycled rubber.


Our Green Initiative

Greenhouse consequences – We can make a difference

  • Water retention and mosquitoes – Tyres form an ideal storage unit for stagnant water, which become ideal breeding grounds for insects such as malaria-carrying mosquitoes. Spraying these tyres are costly and ineffective.
  • Fire – Large stockpiles of waste tyres poses a serious threat of fire.
  • Smoke – Acid smoke generated from burnt tyres causes respiratory problems and pollution.


Fleet Tyre Maintenance

Fleet owners and the ever-existing problem of tyre degradation is always at the back of their minds and would do virtually anything to keep their fleet running .Tyre Assist’s products are a cost-effective solution to ensure the longevity of your tyres so that you can keep on driving for longer.

Does tyre inflation really affect maintenance costs?

Poorly inflated tyres resist rolling and cause poor mileage, while also heating up quicker, which means they wear out 10% – 40% faster than they should. Heat is the number one tyre killer with under inflation also being one of the main causes. If a tyre is correctly inflated it will have less rolling resistance, which will result in longer tyre life and better fuel mileage.

Testing done by the Shell Research Laboratories has shown that if the typical 36psi capacity tyre is under inflated by 5lb it will result in:
Tear wear will increase by 25%
Fuel usage will increase by 3%
Under inflated tyres increase fuel and maintenance costs and you also lose your current tyre investment faster, paying for new tyres and retreads sooner.


self Seal Benefits

It is required that all sealants are tested before use and again after 25 000 miles of use .This affirms that the sealant will not cause problems later. self Seal has been extensively tested,the rust inhibitors and anti-bacteriostats present in self Seal ensures that it is total harmony with all elements present in tyres and ensures compatibility.
Dependable and Reliable
The integrity of the product is guaranteed by producing documentation as proof that our product meets and exceeds the specifications of any fleet operator during inspection.
self Seal is non-toxic, non-hazardous, non-flammable and is also biodegradable making it environmentally safe, part of our green initiative.

Be your Own Boss

Franchise Opportunities

Reseller and distributor

At Tyre Assist we encourage entrepreneurs to become resellers and distributors of a wide range of quality products. As a reseller and distributor you have the opportunity to deliver products both locally and internationally. So if you are you looking for a small business opportunity with a great turn over and potential , Tyre Assist maybe for you.

Various opportunities exist both in South Africa and internationally. Contact Mike on 084 017 7788 to discuss options

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