Truck Valves

With information supplied by Dunlop Tyres as follows:

New tyre cost approx.  R 3500 excl. vat
Retread cost approx. R 800 excl. vat
Mileage on highway on a drive axle wheel approx. 200,000 kms
Mileage on highway steering axle wheel approx.  120,000 kms.
Tyres run at 10-15% under inflated will get 10% less mileage
Fuel usage approx. 2 kms per litre therefore 50 litres per 100 kms
Tyres under inflated by 10-15% will use approx. 4% more fuel.

If a truck travels 15000 kms per month on highway conditions.
Assume the current diesel price of R 12.48 ( 5% sulphur) per litre.
15000 / 50 litres per 100 kms will use 7,500 litre per month
7,500 litre at R 12.45 per litre( October 2013 price) = R 93,375 per month
If tyres are run at 10-15% under-inflated, 4% more fuel would be used being,
4% of R 93,375 = R 3,735 X 12 =R 44,820 per year per vehicle
If your fleet consists of 140 vehicles andeach vehicle uses R 44,820 per year more fuel than they should.
Your company is losing R 6,274,800a yearon excess fuel usage.

Example of saving due to Truck Valves
If a truck travels 15000 kms per month on highway conditions it will travel approx. 180,000 kms per year.
Assume that tyres are under inflated by 10-15% then 10-15% less mileage before replacement. New tyres at R 3500 ea. X 26 wheels = R 91,000 x 140 vehicle = R 12,740,000 per year on tyres.
10% of R 12, 740, 000 = R 1,274,000 saving on tyres.


The basic benefits of fitting our Valve –Check to each wheel on every vehicle in your fleet is the following:

  • Save on your fuel bill
  • Save on your tyre bill by even wear through correct inflation.
  • Save time in checking each wheel with a tyre gauge.
  • Shorten long distance trips, with shorter stops to check the tyres.
  • Enjoy a more profitable trading year.
  • We can supply caps with different tyre pressures to suit your fleets’ needs.

Our retail price on these units is R 69.95 ex vat each. On a quantity order to fit your fleet we would reduce our price by negotiation.

As you mentioned your fleet has 2200 wheels x R 69. 95 = R 153,890.00 ex. vat to fit the entire fleet.

This is almost the cost of fitting only 1 truck with a set of new tyres. It’ an absolute must fit.

Replacement Cost of Valve-Check due to theft.

2200 wheels x R 69.95 = R 153,890.00 ex. Vat.

Assume yearly loss

10% = R 15,389.00
20% = R 30,778.00
30% = R 46,167.00

Loss of these components is NOT a fault of the product, and would indicate that either a driver incentive plan be implemented, or security could be enhanced. Prices are subject to change without notice.